Mid-weight Web & Graphic Designer - John Owen

About 93:Twenty

I have over four years of working professionally as a Web/Graphic Designer in a wide range of organisational cultures.

What would you be looking to use my competitive web and commercial design services for?

• “I need new logo inspiration”
• “Designers struggle to portray what my business is about”
In each case, I discuss thoroughly with you to establish your needs, making sure that the goal is achieved as efficiently as possible.

• “I need a complete redesign of what I have”
During my years with hibu (formerly Yell websites), I completed numerous redesigns of websites. Whether you’re looking for a new look or a total switch of your business direction, from discussing your needs I’ll establish exactly what you’re looking for.

Regardless of what you need, if it’s Print design or Digital, I have the skills and experience to surpass your expectations.
My greatest passion would have to be sport, where I’m always designing passion inspired artwork whether it’s for Bracknell Bees ice hockey club, or for a football related competition. Working with Bracknell has begun to occupy a fair amount of my spare time. On a weekly basis I’m designing the next match programme, and have designed the new kits for the upcoming season. Despite this, I’m a committed individual with a flair for artwork, always seeking to improve and gain new experiences. If your business isn’t sport related, you needn’t worry. I’ve a great range of experience ranging from stationery advertising to businesses for plumbers.

Further types of work I can provide include:
• Website Design & Development, including HTML and CSS
• Print Design including brochures, sporting event programmes, business cards, t-shirts and promotional posters
• Web Banner Design
• Email Design and Development (Responsive code)

Finally, there’s no need to be put off by my lack of prices. The reason being is I want to help find something that’s affordable, sustainable and likely to benefit you in the short-term. If it works for us both, we both prosper in the long-term.

Still unconvinced? View samples of my work across the website. When happy, get in touch with me via the contact form on my Contact page or email me at john@93-twenty.co.uk and together we’ll create design work that will inspire your customers.

John – 93:Twenty CEO and Web/Graphic Designer